Leg Burner Weekend 2020: 8 Person Slopeside Village Condo

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December 11-13, 2020

$179 per person (15+). Junior (4-14) tickets can be added for $73 per junior. 

This rate is to add 8 persons (15+) to a 2 bedroom slopeside condo. You must have 8  persons age 15+ in condo for deal. Price includes 2 nights lodging in a 2 bedroom slopeside Village Condo and 3 day lift tickets. Book this condo with lifts tickets with only a total deposit of $400 ($50 per 15+ person). Juniors (4-14) can be added after initial booking.

The Village Condominiums come equipped with full kitchen  and are stylishly appointed. These two bedroom two bathroom units are located on either the Grammy Jay or Raccoon Run Trails.

Amenities Include:

Coffee Maker





*Images are not representative of specific units, they provide a general representation, only.

$50 deposit needed per person (15+) to secure condo ($400 total).  Remaining balance must be paid 30 days prior to trip. Multiple convenient payment methods accepted for balance.